Reducing Business Expenses

Reducing expenses is the fastest way to improve profitability for your business and reduce overall costs, in addition to improving the amount of money flowing in. By carefully analyzing and adjusting your current expenditures, it becomes easy to spend smarter and boost profits. (more…)

Company Budget

If you’re running a small or medium sized business, a well-researched company budget is essential to keep profitability up, and to keep you on track. Setting goals and evaluating each step of your business ideas is crucial to implementing any changes, and a strong budget with clear steps and solid adherence is a great indicator of the financial health of your company. Measuring your progress on a regular basis by sticking to a budget is going to make or break your business. (more…)

cash flow

Whether it’s the seasonal ebb of low cash flow, or a more pressing problem that is weighing on your business, money crunches are tough for everyone involved. Your debts may be too high to correct, or your margins too low. Perhaps it’s your current sales volume. More  than a need to simply chase invoices and offer incentives to entice prompt payments, these times of negative cash flow are more complicated and more detrimental to the health of your company. And cash flow management is as important as liquidity. (more…)

Key Performance Indicators

The best way to evaluate the success of your business is to use key performance indicators, or KPIs. These indicators are core metrics which are used to monitor progress toward financial results and main goals within a company. The values which are used to assess success can help you make key decisions about your own business’s development and growth. (more…)

Invoicing Mistakes You Should Never Make

invoicing mistakes

You know that to get paid you need to invoice your clients. That’s the easy part.

But how can you make sure you get paid on time? It’s impossible to control just when your customers finalize their bills, but there are things you can do to ensure speedy payment and to ensure that your invoicing mistakes haven’t contributed to a longer-than-expected payment period. (more…)


If you’re a small or medium sized business or freelancer, invoicing can feel tedious, but it is essential in maintaining a positive cash flow. Being paid on time means that you need to be proactive in establishing a system that works with your clients’ needs as well as your own, and certifies you as a professional.

Minimizing invoices is a good first step, particularly for startups. (more…)