Key Performance Indicators

The best way to evaluate the success of your business is to use key performance indicators, or KPIs. These indicators are core metrics which are used to monitor progress toward financial results and main goals within a company. The values which are used to assess success can help you make key decisions about your own business’s development and growth. (more…)

accounting compliant

Tax season isn’t over yet! 2019 still has some deadlines to hit, so make sure you know how to keep your accounting compliant.

From small family-run businesses to large multinational corporations, everyone needs to follow the same sets of rules. This also means that within every level of business, the tax and finance professionals involved are all expected to understand and apply rules and regulations that can be confusing and complicated. (more…)

Outsource Accounting

Feeling overwhelmed with financial and accounting tasks? Have you ever wondered when it’s time to outsource some of your bookkeeping?

As a small business owner, one of the most important decisions you can make is whether to keep your accounting in-house, or to outsource it to a specialist. (more…)

invoicing mistakes

You know that to get paid you need to invoice your clients. That’s the easy part.

But how can you make sure you get paid on time? It’s impossible to control just when your customers finalize their bills, but there are things you can do to ensure speedy payment and to ensure that your invoicing mistakes haven’t contributed to a longer-than-expected payment period. (more…)

money management tips

When starting a new business, money matters are the most crucial part of ensuring growth and success. From keeping your cash flow moving to verifying the accuracy of billing and getting paid on time, money management is something on which you must keep a firm grasp. (more…)


If you’re a small or medium sized business or freelancer, invoicing can feel tedious, but it is essential in maintaining a positive cash flow. Being paid on time means that you need to be proactive in establishing a system that works with your clients’ needs as well as your own, and certifies you as a professional.

Minimizing invoices is a good first step, particularly for startups. (more…)