Invoice Tracker + Xero

Already using Xero for your accounting needs? Excellent choice! Xero’s time saving tools have likely helped you to free up space in your business, and get you the accurate results you need with features like invoicing, inventory, and fast bank reconciliation. Now that you’ve seen the benefits of tracking your invoices, it’s time to consider doubling up on the ingredients that help drive profitability and growth. (more…)

Invoice Tracker

Do you feel overwhelmed by accounting paperwork? Are there things which are more important to your business growth than constantly rewriting invoices and chasing late payments? Are you worried about making a costly mistake when it comes to important information?

By outsourcing all of your accounts receivable needs to an automated tracker, you will free up valuable time for yourself and your employees. You will also see an increase in timely payments and effortlessly maintain the important relationships you share with your customers. If you have been feeling weighed down by invoices and want to free up some time for yourself and your company, read ahead for ten signs you should invest in an invoice tracker. (more…)

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The concept of billable hours is changing with the times we live in. Clients are no longer charged based on estimated time, and employees are increasingly working outside of the traditional model, where wages and hours are static. Increases in both inflation and running costs means that businesses today need to make sure that they are keeping up with the pace of technology to keep their profitability and cash flow high. (more…)

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How can you find more time in your work day, while also being able to keep your cash flowing? Traditional methods of invoicing are tedious, prone to error, and time-consuming. It can be difficult and complicated to reconcile at the end of a payment period, and costly for supplies. You are tasked with the monotony of rewriting each customer detail and accurately relaying sensitive payment information. (more…)

Invoice Tracking Software How Secure is It?

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In a world where we are constantly uploading and transferring our data online, it is natural to worry about the security of our information. This concern becomes more pressing in regards to business goods: how can we be sure that the confidential electronic statistics, documents, facts and figures of a company are protected? (more…)