business apps

Have you been wondering how to grow your business? These business apps can help.

We all know how much time and effort is needed for budgeting, banking, employee management, accounting, marketing and customer service. It’s time to let technology work for you, so you can take some time to focus on more important tasks. (more…)

business tax tips

Do you find yourself wishing you had finished your taxes faster each year? Being quick off the mark means potential savings and reduces a whole lot of stress.

Filing taxes is obviously an important part of running your business, and can be overwhelming. Planning ahead, being organized, and getting them filed quickly means you can finish filing before the deadline, and focus on your business. (more…)

law firms love invoice tracker

Careful tracking and maintenance of your invoices is an essential piece of increasing both profits and the amount of billable hours in your law firm. The features of Invoice Tracker include everything you need to not only ensure your sensitive data is being safely and accurately tracked and saved, but also to keep cash flowing. Studies show that an average legal professional’s billable hours are on average just 29% of each day. With statistics like that, your law firm needs the automated and customizable email set reminders, real-time insights, and invoice tracking capabilities that Invoice Tracker offers. Add this software onto your current accounting software to keep your firm ahead of the game! (more…)

Reducing Business Expenses

Reducing expenses is the fastest way to improve profitability for your business and reduce overall costs, in addition to improving the amount of money flowing in. By carefully analyzing and adjusting your current expenditures, it becomes easy to spend smarter and boost profits. (more…)

Thank you for paying email

Getting an invoice paid on time feels pretty great. You appreciate your clients’ attention to the due date, because it helps your business to maintain a consistent cash flow. You also know how difficult it can be to track down late payments, as well as the amount of work that can go into that task. Prompt payments are a boon to your profitability as well as your own time. And according to research, a simple ‘please’ when it comes to invoice reminders, and ‘thank you’ when the bill is paid can increase the percentage of paid invoices by more than 5%! (more…)

When Cash Flow is an Issue, Use Fundbox

Fundbox Business Loan

Small and medium-sized businesses across the United States often struggle with cash flow issues. Such financial problems can affect their companies to such an extent that it leads to failure: 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems, according to a US Bank study, making it the leading cause of collapse. Late payments by customers and variable frequencies in retaining clients are factors you often can’t predict, and can quickly lead to issues with profit that mean you need assistance. (more…)