invoice tracking

Tracking your invoices just makes good financial sense, but did you know it can also help your business to grow? Meticulous accounting allows for fewer crises, more informed planning, and the knowledge that your accounts receivable is running smoothly for prompt payments and satisfied customers. No matter the size of your business, careful invoice tracking can fuel its growth. Read on for our top five tips to advance production via invoice tracking. (more…)

It can be uncomfortable to navigate the issue of late payments by your clients, but it is a common issue faced by businesses across the globe. You’ve built relationships with your customers, worked hard on their behalf, and met all of the agreed deadlines, only to find a few days or weeks past the due date that they have not yet paid for your service. (more…)

Chasing down debts owed makes for an interesting film plot, but it’s rarely entertaining in real life. Trying to collect on an overdue invoice is more likely to inspire stress and anxiety than kicked-in doors or epic explosion scenes. You’ll also want to ask for payment while leaving the door open for a continued working relationship. Finding that delicate balance between firm and respectful can be a challenge for even the most tactful negotiators. (more…)