law firms love invoice tracker

Careful tracking and maintenance of your invoices is an essential piece of increasing both profits and the amount of billable hours in your law firm. The features of Invoice Tracker include everything you need to not only ensure your sensitive data is being safely and accurately tracked and saved, but also to keep cash flowing. Studies show that an average legal professional’s billable hours are on average just 29% of each day. With statistics like that, your law firm needs the automated and customizable email set reminders, real-time insights, and invoice tracking capabilities that Invoice Tracker offers. Add this software onto your current accounting software to keep your firm ahead of the game! (more…)

When Cash Flow is an Issue, Use Fundbox

Fundbox Business Loan

Small and medium-sized businesses across the United States often struggle with cash flow issues. Such financial problems can affect their companies to such an extent that it leads to failure: 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems, according to a US Bank study, making it the leading cause of collapse. Late payments by customers and variable frequencies in retaining clients are factors you often can’t predict, and can quickly lead to issues with profit that mean you need assistance. (more…)

Improve Cashflow

Cash flow is a fundamental indicator of financial health. It is crucial to have a solid understanding of where your money is going, and how much is coming in so that your business can stay afloat. Debt management and consistent cash flow are keys to growth, so it is vital to understand the steps to improving and retaining capital. (more…)

Pay Bills

Did you know that a quarter of business failures are due to an interruption to cash flow? 40% of small-to-medium sized business owners say they would stop doing business with customers who paid late, while 90% said they would pay their own suppliers on time if their customers paid bills by the due date. 


Invoice Tracker Now Integrates With Clio

Clio Integration

Keeping track of and tracking your invoices is essential to increase both profits and billable hours in your firm. Invoice Tracker’s feature list includes everything you need to keep your cash flowing, and ensure all of your data is being accurately tracked and recorded. If your average billable hours in a day only adds up to 29% of your time, your firm needs the real-time insights, automated and customizable email set reminders, and solid invoicing tracking software that Invoice Tracker offers. (more…)

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has gained an awful lot of traction (and press) in the past few years. Many people are excited about what it means for the financial industry, others are uninterested, and a lot of us are just plain confused! So what is it, and what makes it something that you should keep on your radar? Is it simply the newest craze, sure to die out quickly? Or is cryptocurrency the wave of the future? (more…)