Speed up Outstanding Payments with Stripe

outstanding payments

Struggling with unpaid invoices? Are you looking for a way to speed payments and incentivize your clients to pay on time?

Being paid on time equals improved cash flow. This is common knowledge, but how can you make it easier for those in receipt of your services to pay outstanding fees, so that your business reaps the benefits? After all, in the UK in January, average e-commerce weekly sales were at a staggering £1.2 million–a figure that is steadily increasing. We at Invoice Tracker have partnered with Stripe to assist you in this process. But what is Stripe, and how can their services help the cash flow in your business? (more…)

losing revenue

Profit is the most important economic goal for your law firm. It is a challenge to balance an increase in profits while reducing clients’ fees. Sure, you can pile more hours onto your already busy schedule, and you could charge higher rates than you do, but that would mean losing loyal customers and burning yourself out in the process. (more…)

business growth law firm

In a legal world that is full of innovation and constant change, you need the skills to ensure that your own firm is successfully progressing. The Annual Law Firm’s Survey from 2017 showed that in the UK, chargeable hours continued to weaken with a further drop in average chargeable hours across all grades and bandings in the Top 50 firms. For the >5 year pqe grade in the Top 10 and Top 11-25 the average chargeable hours was 1,380 (fall of 3%) and 1,195 hours (fall of 4%). This drop was mirrored internationally in Western Europe, USA and Asia and the Far East. How can you stand out from the crowd and drive profits while maintaining client relationships and not losing any time and money in the process? (more…)