Getting started is simple

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How to get started

We kept it simple so it's easy to use.

Sign up for Invoice Tracker and connect your accounting software

Make sure you confirm your email address so you’re able to send email reminders to your clients.

Select your imported invoices

Select an invoice or a batch of invoices that you need to follow-up on and assign them to an existing email reminder set or create a new one.

Create your email reminder sets

Reminder sets are a series of emails sent during the collection process. Choose from the editable pre-written emails or create your own. You can easily customize the message, add your logo, company signature, and add variables like invoice number, due date and more.

Payment reconciliation

Once you’ve created your reminder set turn them to active and start your collection. Your data automatically syncs from your accounting software every few minutes so once you receive a payment Invoice Tracker will know to stop sending emails – no matter where they are in the sequence.

Try the auto-collect feature
Auto-collect is a feature that you need to manually turn on in your settings, once active it triggers emails based on rules you’ve created. For example, you might create a ‘rule set’ to automatically send an email for all invoices that are 45 days past due and are being handed over to a debt collector.

Support is always free

Connecting and syncing your accounting software to Invoice Tracker is simple and only takes 4 clicks, but if you need help or have some questions about our product we're only a phone call, live chat, or email away.

"Professional all the way – I had some of the best customer care experience that I've ever had from an online company. Great product and great service."

         Carolyn Brady, Happy Customer

Spend a little money to recover a lot of money

Invoice Tracker is a monthly subscription service. Each plan comes with a free, no obligation, 30-day trial. No credit card required and no strings attached. You’ll be able to test drive how fast your invoices get paid and how much time you save on accounts receivable.