Invoice Tracker is an add-on to your Time Tracker account

Now you can track time, bill clients and get paid faster.

Automated Reminders

Invoices are paid faster with automated reminders and overdue notices

Personalized Emails

Customize your emails to engage your clients in a way that's familiar

Instant Online Payments

Add payment links to your invoice reminders so clients can pay online right away

Detailed Reporting

Know the state of your accounts receivable with dashboard reports and insights

Automated email reminders

Integrate your two accounts and improve your cash flow.

Invoice Tracker was designed for small to medium-sized businesses to automate invoice collection and improve cash flow. Save hours making phone calls and sending spur-of-the-moment emails, automate your accounts receivable.

Connect Invoice Tracker with Time Tracker and import your invoices from your +Billing or +Legal account, create your email reminders and activate your collection – congratulations you've just increased the likelihood of being paid faster.

Learn how to get started

Enjoy the benefits of automated invoice collections

  • Email reminders are set and forget – easily personalize with your signature and logo
  • Set the mood for your reminders – they can vary in tone and intensity to suit the type of collection
  • See in real-time if your clients have viewed your invoice reminder and made payment
  • Allow your clients to pay bills directly from a link inside of the invoice using Stripe payments
  • Generate reports detailing the state of your accounts receivable
  • Automatic reconciliation of all payment transactions from your accounting software
  • Secure cloud 256-bit data encryption with backup so you have 24/7 access to your account
  • You save hours in administration every month and because the email reminders are set-and-forget your invoice stays top of mind with your clients improving your chance of being paid faster!

Did you know?

of invoices are reportedly paid late and 2.1% are uncollectible, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars being written off each year.

Getting started is simple

It just a few clicks your accounts receivable is automated.

Connect your accounts and invoices will sync automatically

Choose from the customizable email reminder templates, or create your own

Start a collection and get paid—it’s that simple

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